Media Monitoring | BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH| Guided Tour


"Showtime has been using BurrellesLuce services for almost 20 years. They know public relations and have consistently enhanced and developed new products to meet the ever-changing challenges of our industry."

— Peter Kellner, Showtime Networks


BurrellesLuce MYNEWSDASH allows you to change the way you capture, measure, and connect with The Media. Our comprehensive suite of affordable services is now fully integrated in one convenient and easy-to-use portal. Incorporate your traditional, broadcast, online, and social media results in one report. Research and engage journalists and bloggers, review all your media coverage, report on results, and intelligently plan future campaigns.

During this short guided tour, learn how easy it is to:

  • Monitor your coverage. The most comprehensive print and online monitoring available.
  • Report on your PR goals. Tailor your PR measurement program to fit your specific business objectives.
  • Conduct Media Outreach.  BurrellesLuce understands The Media and positions you to most effectively target your efforts.
  • Monitor Social Media. Build and manage your communities. We’ve partnered to provide the most comprehensive social media management application.

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